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Debunking the Many Myths of Motherhood

Mother holds her daughter close by the busy city street. Move Forward Counseling can help you through maternal mental health issues. We offer anxiety treatment, treatments for anxiety in children, and more! Contact us today for support!

Published on: March 30, 2017

Being a mom is a big role all on its own– you are responsible for shaping this little person into a successful human, add to that the great expectations that society places on moms, and, well things can be just plain overwhelming. We all have that vision of the sitcom mom. You know – the one that always has a perfectly clean house, a beautifully cooked dinner on the table every night at 5:30 sharp, and children who never have peanut butter smeared across their face and always ALWAYS have both shoes on when they leave the house. Let’s Debunk… Continue Reading This Article

Do I Have The “Baby Blues” or Something More?

Close up of mothers hand gently holding the hand of her newborn. Move Forward Counseling offers postpartum counseling in lancaster, pa. Contact us today for help dealing with depression and postpartum anxiety in Lancaster, pa.

Published on: November 7, 2016

Having a baby is the happiest time in our lives, right? This is not always true for everyone. It is true however, that this is one of the biggest transitions in our lives. Any transition, whether it be good or bad, may cause distress because we are experiencing something new for the first time. The minute a baby is born everything changes, this new person needs care and attention 24/7! That in itself can be overwhelming! What Is the “Baby Blues?” The above reasons are why having the “baby blues” is so common. Usually with the baby blues, the symptoms last… Continue Reading This Article

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Finding Time For Yourself

Woman swims on her back in the pool. She has her eyes closed and is smiling softly. The text to her left reads "the busy woman's guide to finding time for yourself". The text below says "www.move forward lancaster.com". Move Forward Counseling offers counseling for women, body image therapy, trauma therapy, and more! Contact us today!

Published on: November 4, 2016

Laura (*fictionalized client) is a 35 year old mom with 2 young children. Since she is a stay at home mom who feels like she is busy from morning until night and rarely gets a break. She told her husband recently she feels exhausted all the time. She was losing her temper more easily with her children and was upset about this. What Is Self-Care? Laura knew she needed to make some changes so she had more energy and could be a more patient parent. She realized making time for herself would help her achieve these goals. Another word for… Continue Reading This Article

Blog posts for Susquehanna Style magazine

Published on: November 3, 2016

Owner of Move Forward Counseling, LLC Alison Pidgeon, MA, LPC offers helpful tips as part of the “Ask the Expert” blog on Susquehanna Style magazine’s website. Links to her blog posts can be found below. October 2016 Picture Imperfect Motherhood and the process of starting a family is a major life transition. Setting realistic expectations can help new parents adjust more smoothly. Those who find themselves in a situation where they might need a little help navigating such a life change can take a few steps to get back onto a healthy track. September 2016 Setting Goals and Intentions for… Continue Reading This Article

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Less Stress

Woman in white shirt and ponytail waits for the subway train to stop. The bag on her right shoulder begins to weigh on her. The text above her reads "the busy woman's guide to less stress". The text below her reads "www.moveforwardlancaster.com". Move Forward Counseling offers counseling for women, online therapy for women, and more! Contact us today!

Published on: September 22, 2016

How many times have you asked someone how they are doing and they answer “busy” or “stressed out?” Ask 100 adults on the street if they are stressed and I bet the majority of them would answer yes. In fact, according to a study by National Public Radio in 2014, 49% of adults reported having a major stressful period in their life in the previous year. Stress can come from a variety of places, but common sources are: employment, family responsibilities, health concerns, and financial difficulties. Women and Stress Women especially tend to juggle many roles in their life which… Continue Reading This Article

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Being Assertive

Dark haired woman in a black shirt stands in front of a brick wall. She is smiling slightly at the camera. The text above her reads "the busy woman's guide to being assertive". The text below her reads "www.moveforwardlancaster.com". Move Forward Counseling offers counseling for women in lancaster, online therapy in Pennsylvania, and more! Contact us today!

Published on: September 20, 2016

Sherry (*fictionalized client) is a 42 year old woman with a full time job and three teenagers at home. To say that she is “busy” is an understatement. Sherry came to therapy due to feeling stressed out and angry with the important people in her life. During the process of therapy Sherry identified her typical style of communicating with others and her feelings about those interactions. She came to understand that she tends to be a “passive communicator.” This means she allowed others to dictate what would happen and what she would do without speaking up for herself. Some of… Continue Reading This Article

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Saying “No” (Without Feeling Guilty)

Busy woman in blue button up shirt looks down at her tablet, pressing the screen. She has her hair in a ponytail. The text to the left of the photo says "The busy woman's guid to saying no (without feeling guilty)" Move Forward Counseling offers online therapy for women, and can help you overcome your anxiety. Contact us todday!

Published on: August 21, 2016

Linda (*fictionalized client) came to therapy because she had trouble saying “no” to everyone in her life. She was working full time, babysitting her grandchildren whenever her daughter asked her to and was trying to take care of her elderly mother who lived alone. Several months of being constantly “on the go” and taking care of others left her exhausted and resulted in some health issues, namely high blood pressure. She came to therapy upon the recommendation of her family doctor who thought it would be good for Linda to learn how to better manage her stress. Linda was definitely… Continue Reading This Article

Is Therapy Right For You?

Woman in dim room lays on black couch in front of a window. The light shines through onto her as she holds a hand up to her head. She is tired of her negative self image getting in the way of her life, and is thinking of receiving therapy. Move Forward Counseling offers body image therapy in Pennsylvania. Don't let anxiety get in the way of your life, contact us today!

Published on: May 7, 2015

It’s normal to hesitate before starting therapy Many people wait a long time before they decide to attend therapy. Many questions may arise in their minds: “Will it help?” or “What if the therapist is weird?” or “How long will I have to go?” or “Is my problem really that bad?” These unknowns may cause them to delay seeking help. Often we tend to think “Maybe the problem will go away” or “After (blank) is over, then I will feel better” (insert what makes sense for you here, the big project at work, the kid’s sports season, etc.) But counseling… Continue Reading This Article

Online Counseling: Fad or Future Standard Practice?

Woman with glasses holds a cup of tea in her left hand, and searches the web on her laptop with the other. She is at a wooden desk, and is likely looking up options for online therapy. Move Forward Counseling understands you have a busy schedule. Let us work with you to help you thrive!

Published on: April 2, 2015

The counseling industry seems to be woefully behind when it comes to utilizing technology in its business practices. I know many therapists who still keep all of their records on paper. Larger institutions have had to embrace electronic medical records, but not until very recently. What is Online Counseling? The words “online counseling” are a commonly searched term on Google. Companies who help to facilitate online therapy have cropped up in recent years. The basic concept is this: have your therapy session via video chat in the privacy of your own home. Your therapist is on the other end in… Continue Reading This Article