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  • Shannon Rhoads, LCSW (she/her)

    Have you or someone you love ever sustained a concussion, brain injury, or an unexpected life event and don’t know what to do?

    Do you ever feel consumed by worry, stress, or sadness and could use some support with learning new ways to cope, feel grounded, or recognize the positives in your life?

    Do you want to understand yourself better, feel more comfortable in your own skin, or boost your self-confidence?

    Have you ever questioned who you are, what your value is, or how to enhance the quality of your relationships?

    I hear you. I understand.

    Hi, my name is Shannon Rhoads. Throughout my career, I have worked with people from all walks of life, all types of stories, and with various struggles.

    I can provide a safe space for you to process, learn, and grow without judgment. I will meet you where you are, work with you to define your personal goals, and then challenge and assist you with taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals. I will listen with empathy, compassion, warmth, and patience. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Brain Injury Specialist, I offer honest (and evidence-based) guidance with an extra kick of accountability. Helping others live their best life is what gives meaning and purpose to mine.

    On the personal side, I find solace in nature, adore the smell of campfires, and have a thing for lifted Jeeps/trucks. My current focus on professional development is supporting prenatal/postpartum care and LGBTQ+ communities. I love to spend time with my wife, our spirited young son, extended family, and friends. I am imperfect and doing my best to navigate this crazy life… just like you.

    PA License #CW020972

    Shannon is available to provide telehealth sessions to anyone living in the state of Pennsylvania.