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  • P. Myria Bailey Whitcomb, LSW

    Today, the world is moving very fast, often not allowing individuals time to do self-care, self-reflection, or personal/family needs assessments. My devotion is to you, to help you slow the pace down and focus on your individual or family needs. For others, the world is unrecognizable, adjusting has become complex, and adaptation has proven complicated. My role is to help you find yourself and your strengths amid life, emotional, psychological, relational, spiritual, and physical challenges. 

    I believe in meeting all clients where they are at. My focus is to provide a safe place where clients can openly share-ultimately, to speak their truth. Each person deserves support in navigating personal and environmental stressors. I have the compassion to relate to all people in varying stages of growth and healing without judgment, but with hope and support. 

    As your therapist, I have learned to be sensitive to life experiences for those within a multicultural context. I believe in providing help to all people from all backgrounds and all experiences using key assessment tools and therapeutic modalities; such as Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) Narrative therapy, Journaling therapy, Problem-solving, Anger management, communication, Solution-focused, person-centered, Dialectical, behavioral therapy (DBT). My focus practice is using therapy for individuals with Depression disorders, Anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorders, Trauma-related and stress, mindfulness, Gender Dysphoria, Christian counseling, and more. The true goal of wellness and understanding self in various contexts is to put in the work, practice, and tenacity to reduce symptoms, build self-worth, and thrive. It will be my honor to walk alongside you on your journey to wellness!