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  • Colleen Berstler- Administrative Assistant

    As an administrative assistant here at Move Forward Counseling, I begin each day to help our clients better their quality of life by assisting them with starting or continuing therapy. I find it gratifying to know that I can help our clients daily. I can give our clients peace of mind that their appointment is scheduled and their questions and concerns have been addressed.

    Our clients should feel empowered and confident that they have taken a big step toward improving their overall well-being.

    Outside of my scheduled work hours, I enjoy spending time with my son, husband, and our three dogs. During the warmer months, I can do just about anything outdoors with my family and friends. I love visiting Raystown Lake and spending time in Ocean City, New Jersey. Our above-ground pool and fire pit make my backyard a fun place to play with the kids and dogs during the day, and the space doubles as a relaxing, wind-down spot at night.