Rochelle Matthews Stoltzfus, LPC

counselor Lancaster, PAAs a Licensed Professional Counselor, people assume my job is listening to clients talk about problems. The reality is that people show up with courage amid the difficulty of life to share honestly about the things that matter most deeply to them. In return, I offer engaged presence, kindness, and new ideas to those who bravely share their inspiring, beautiful, broken, in-process selves. Then we work together to build insight and movement towards being whole and living their unique lives well.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Build healthy and meaningful relationships
  • Grieve and recover after losses of many kinds
  • Cope and grow through life changes and challenges
  • Develop identity and live personal values
  • Heal from trauma

I have found that I am the best fit for clients who are interested in learning, open to therapy as a creative process, ready to own the creating of their life story, willing to be an active participant, and work to identify and implement session takeaways.


I use theories, creative experiences and resources to:
  • Teach people to be healthy individuals in healthy connection with others
  • Help identify and build strengths in the present
  • Encourage clients to tell their story in a way that empowers and leads to a desired future story
  • Teach new ways of being, thinking and acting
  • Help decrease distress, reprocess events, and increase positive beliefs

I draw from Family Systems, Emotionally Focused, Solution Focused, Narrative, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am also an EMDR practitioner, trained to treat adverse life events and trauma of many kinds.


With a Masters in Counseling, I have been practicing as a Professional Counselor since 2010; my training and experience give me valuable tools to assist you. But I believe you will benefit also from my authentic ability to empathize first. Being human, I experience challenges and feel brokenness; my own process of growth is bringing me healing, contentment, and joy. I want you to know, because I am doing my own work to live well: I am empathizing – and am proud of your courage & commitment to live intentionally!


Find someone to do your growth work with. You can schedule an appointment or call/email me with questions; I would be honored to be part of your process! {}