The Silver Linings of Quarantine

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Published on: June 2, 2020

We have spent a lot of time focusing on why quarantine is difficult. But, as hard as it has been, quarantine can also have a lot of benefits for your mental health. So, for a change, let’s focus on some of the silver linings of quarantine. That being said, it might be hard for you to be optimistic right now, and that is ok. Whatever you are feeling, your feelings are valid. There is no doubt that these are strange times. Besides having extra time to clean out your closets, what are some of the silver linings of quarantine? Learning… Continue Reading This Article

Surviving the Holidays Post-Divorce

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Published on: December 3, 2019

You have just gone through an emotional rollercoaster as you and your partner finalized your divorce. Now, it is the holidays, the season of togetherness. What are you supposed to do? Your family no longer looks the way it used to. If you have kids they are likely struggling with a lot of different emotions as well. Survival is at the top of your to-do list.  Before we get into how you can get through the holidays in one piece, let’s start with giving yourself some grace. You might be feeling pretty crappy right now, and if you aren’t —… Continue Reading This Article

Friendships are important for adults, too.

Two teen friends sit on a swing set while smiling and laughing towards each other. They are in a park during the day. Move Forward Counseling offers therapy for teens in Pennsylvania, online counseling for women, and more! Contact us today for support!

Published on: April 18, 2019

We worry about our kids making and keeping friends, and encourage them to engage with their peers often. But, as adults, we sometimes lose sight of the need to have friends. We get caught up in work and family life and put friendships on the back burner. We find it hard to make and keep friends. Sometimes it feels like finding a friend is comparable to dating, which can be daunting to say the least. Belonging and Purpose Friendship is important, even as an adult. Having a few good friends means extra support, especially during times of crisis. It contributes… Continue Reading This Article

Love Yourself First

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Published on: February 8, 2019

Love yourself. It seems like a simple task, right? I mean you are here in this body and you have all these wonderful things about you, it should be easy to love your whole unique self. But, oh man it can be a struggle. Loving yourself can be hard. We are in a world where our self-esteem is constantly challenged, our self-perception is being taken on at every corner. Whether you are a perfectionist who struggles with always trying to be perfect or someone who struggles with negative self-talk, there are obstacles to be tackled daily.  Before you can truly… Continue Reading This Article

How To Set Boundaries With Your Family at Thanksgiving

Top down of thanksgiving dessert on wooden table. Autumn leaves litter the table as a set of hands cuts into pumpkin pie, while another person holds a glass of punch nearby. Move Forward Counseling can provide lancaster therapy services such as depression treatment, treatments for anxiety, and more! Contact us today for support!

Published on: November 14, 2018

Holidays are great for many reasons — they bring people together to connect over food and traditions. But, they are also a time for family drama, arguments, and stress. If you are one of those people that dreads family get-togethers for this very reason, then it is time to set some boundaries.  Your stomach doesn’t have to turn at the very thought of Thanksgiving dinner with your family, you should be dreaming of turkey and mashed potatoes instead. You are in charge of you and it is time you show your family exactly what you will tolerate. Dysfunction is something… Continue Reading This Article

Is Social Media Good or Bad For Your Mental Health?

Young woman with long dark hair checks her phone at a Starbucks table. She has a backpack on as well, and is curious when her online therapy appointment is scheduled for. Move Forward Counseling offers online therapy for women, therapy for teens in Pennsylvania, ptsd counseling in Pennsylvania, and more! Contact us today for support!

Published on: October 3, 2018

The quick rise in the use of social media has changed the landscape of mental health. I am sure you have already heard some of the arguments of why it is bad, how much is too much, and maybe some of the positives. I am not here to swing one way or the other, except to stress the importance of limits. Everything in moderation.  It is my tendency in life— and in practice— to first focus on the positives. Social media was created for one simple reason— to bring us together. Having access to others who think and feel the… Continue Reading This Article

Overcoming the Quarter Life Crisis

Individual stands in subway under bright line of lights. They look off to the left at the impossibly long subway train that stretches out of sight behind the person. Move Forward Counseling can help you with mindfulness for anxiety, provide treatments for anxiety, depression therapy, and more! Contact us today for support!

Published on: July 16, 2018

You graduate from college expecting to find your way quickly. You imagine yourself in your dream job, a stable relationship, and living in a home all your own. You thought you were going to have everything you wanted.  But, the reality is you walked across that stage at graduation and moved in with your parents and settled for your old barista job—just to “hold you over.” Or maybe you got a job in your major but you aren’t quite sure if this is where you belong. You long to be successful and fear making mistakes. The stuff you did as… Continue Reading This Article

How to Stay Sane While Planning a Wedding

Close up of bride and groom at the altar. The groom has a watch is fiddling with his cuff, while the bride holds a bouquet of bright flowers. Move Forward Counseling offers relationship therapy, maternal mental health, counseling for women in lancaster, pa, and more! Contact us today for support!

Published on: July 3, 2018

You got the ring and the fiancé, now it is time to plan the wedding. Chances are this is the day you have dreamed about since you were little. You have high expectations. You want it to be perfect.  The only problem is perfection is a hard thing attain. The stress of planning the big day has the tendency to lead to tension and strain between a couple and their families — it seems a little counterproductive if you ask me. You are planning this day for one reason — to commit yourself to the person you love and want… Continue Reading This Article

The Graduation Blues

Close up of two women with graduation caps on blow golden confetti from their hands. They are celebrating making it through 2020! Move Forward Counseling offers support during times of change. We offer counseling for teens in lancaster, anxiety treatment, mindfulness for anxiety, and more! Contact us today for support!

Published on: May 14, 2018

So, you have graduated—Congrats! You have spent your life, so far, working up to this moment. It is an exciting time full of possibilities…and stress. Much of the way your life used to function is going to change, and while that is not a bad thing it is definitely a hard transition. It is ok to feel the graduation blues. I remember that moment of walking across the stage full of excitement, smiling from ear-to-ear, and then walking into my bedroom, looking around, and it hit me—a crushing sense of loss. Yes, this is what I had been working towards… Continue Reading This Article

Setting Healthy Boundaries Means Better Relationships

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Published on: January 16, 2018

Setting boundaries is important in any relationship, and contrary to popular belief—boundaries actually improve relationships. Why, you might ask? When both people feel respected and cared for everyone is better off, and complying with appropriate boundaries fosters a feeling of mutual consideration and empathy. While the solution sounds simple, it can feel quite daunting. Frequently people are concerned if they voice their needs they will create conflict, but by holding those feelings in you are building resentment that could eventually explode into major arguments or push a wedge between you both. If you can address those feelings head on before… Continue Reading This Article