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  • Relationship Issues

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    All relationships have struggles, ups and downs, bumps in the road, challenges that can be difficult to navigate. It can be easy to let things pile up and get out of control, leaving you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and hopeless. What steps can you take to turn things around for the best? Where do you begin? 

    While we don’t do couples counseling at Move Forward, many of our counselors specialize in helping individuals work through their relationship struggles. We are here to help clients navigate relationship issues and help answer questions like—Why do I feel this way? How am I supposed to respond to this? How can I move forward in a healthy way?

    Common Struggles in Relationships

    *Poor Communication — How can I become better at communicating? How can I change my communication practices from negative to positive? How can I be a better listener and sharer?

    *Sex — Are you struggling with the desire to have sex? Why might that be? Is there an underlying cause?

    *Money — Are you consistently arguing about the state of your finances? Are you being honest about your spending habits? Are you being open about your income or debt with your partner? Are you uncomfortable talking about money issues? Why and how can these habits improve? 

    *Sharing Tasks Around the Home — Are you frequently arguing about whose responsibility it is to clean the bathroom? Fold the laundry? Do the grocery shopping? Etc. Are you being clear about your wants and desires? Do you feel like things are unfair? 

    *Feeling Unappreciated/Not A Priority — Why do you feel this way? What can you do/say to express these feelings? How can this be resolved?

    *Frequent Arguments — Are you arguing over the same things day in and day out? Do you have trouble apologizing? Are you seeing the same issues come up time and time again? How can you end the cycle?

    *Trust — Are you struggling with trusting your partner? Did he/she/they do something that you have had difficulty forgiving? Do you have unresolved issues that make it hard for you to trust anyone? How can you address this issue to be more trusting? 

    What Can I Do to Improve My Relationships?

    If you are having difficulty in your relationships, a licensed professional counselor can help provide the guidance and tools to turn negative behaviors into positive ones. We can help you process your feelings and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships. 

    Relationships are a work in progress. Putting in the effort to make positive changes can go a long way to a happy future together.