Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health

therapist Lancaster, PAWe’re told having a baby is the “happiest time in our lives,” but for some mothers, it may not feel that way. Women often are afraid to admit it. They don’t want people to know they’re having “scary thoughts” or feeling anxious or depressed. New mothers wrestling with this experience might fear someone will think they’re incapable of taking care of a child. 

Of course you’re capable, and you’re not alone in this struggle. Thousands of women each year struggle with similar feelings.

Speaking up and seeking help is the best way to start to “feel like yourself again.”  

You may be experiencing:




*mood swings

*crying spells

*difficulty sleeping

At Move Forward we have the training to help women experiencing these difficulties overcome. We provide therapy, and we work collaboratively with the woman’’s doctor to make sure she is receiving the best care she can. We use interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help a new mother cope with her new circumstances in a safe, healthy way, and to change her thinking to focus more on what’s positive. 

You do not have to struggle on your own. With a little help from a Move Forward counselor, you’ll feel like you again and help prepare you for the joys and challenges of motherhood.