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  • Online Therapy, Video Therapy, “Telehealth”, or Online Counseling in Pennsylvania

    You need convenient counseling for women and teens in Pennsylvania.

    Leaving the house for therapy doesn’t sound like the best idea right now.

    So, we are here to help with online therapy in Pennsylvania.

    Woman on laptop with a cup of tea. Whether she is in York, Scranton, Erie, Allentown, Pittsburg, State College or anywhere else in PA, she can get online therapy in Pennsylvania with an online therapist who specializes in counseling for women in Lancaster, PA. Our therapists do online therapy for women for depression, anxiety treatment, postpartum counseling, mental health and pregnancy, and more!

    Move Forward Counseling LLC has been providing online therapy services or “telehealth” since 2015. In light of recent events with the impact of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, we have found that online therapy services are critical. Not only more important than ever but more accessible than ever in the comfort and safety of your own home.

    How Does Online Therapy, or Telehealth, Work?

    At Move Forward Counseling, our clinicians provide high-quality online therapy with a confidential, HIPAA secure platform. This platform is integrated into our Electronic Health Record called Theranest. This software is easy to use and does not require any downloads. Providing the platform to have a session (similar to Skype or FaceTime, but with more security). 
    We know getting therapy services on an online platform may be new to you. And, it may cause some feelings of uncertainty for our clients. But, we think online counseling will revolutionize the way people access therapy in PA. Honestly, is an overall “win-win” for both the therapist and the client right now. 

    Benefits of Online Therapy for Women and Teens

    Young african american black woman relaxing with online therapy in Pennsylvania with Move Forward Counseling Lancaster, PA. Counseling for women and teens can happen with online therapy for women in York, Erie, Scranton, Allentown, Pittsburg and Philadelphia with licensed online therapists for trauma treatment, anxiety treatment, depression treatment, mental health and pregnancy and postpartum counseling.

    Luckily, the insurance companies we work with are recognizing how important online therapy is. So, they now cover these online therapy sessions to increase access to mental health care. All of the insurances we are in-network with at Move Forward Counseling will pay for telehealth. Just the same as they will pay for a therapy session that happens in the office. Some plans are even waiving co-pays for telehealth for the time being.

    Telehealth is a great option for clients who aren’t sure how to fit therapy sessions into their busy schedules. Whether because of a demanding job, lack of childcare, or a long drive to our offices, telehealth is often the more convenient option. In fact, more clients than ever are exploring online therapy for a number of issues. And, we are happy to report they are finding success! With increased stressors of the pandemic, online therapy brings flexibility to the table. 

    Is Online Counseling Actually Effective?

    We have found that our clients have continued success utilizing telehealth services. Often, just as much they would with in-person sessions. Our therapists are committed to providing high-quality counseling. Of course, with extra care to walk each client through any questions about technology. Research has found that online therapy is just as effective as in-person counseling.

    Move Forward Has Online Therapy for Women, With Licensed Online Therapists

    At Move Forward Counseling, we specialize in women’s issues. That means we are the premier provider of mental health services for women in the state of Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on making the process of starting and attending therapy as easy as possible for our clients. We employ licensed therapists who are experts in their specific areas to help you feel better as effectively as possible.

    Our Specialties for Online Therapy in Pennsylvania

    Of course, we can provide the same types of therapy online as we will in our Landcaster, PA counseling offices. Primarily, we do online counseling for women in the state of Pennsylvania. Some of our specialty areas include:

    Online Therapy for Pregnancy/Postpartum Mental Health Issues

    Close up portrait asian woman working on laptop computer with focus on laptop for online therapy in Pennsylvania with Move Forward Counseling Lancaster, PA. Counseling for women and teens can happen with online therapy for women in York, Erie, Scranton, Allentown, Pittsburg and Philadelphia with licensed online therapists for trauma treatment, anxiety treatment, depression treatment, mental health and pregnancy and postpartum counseling.New moms appreciate the convenience of not having to travel to an office to see their therapist. Pregnant moms already have many doctor’s appointments to attend and enjoy not having to leave the house to go to one more place. Many of our licensed therapists have specialized training from Postpartum Support International about the specific needs and types of therapy that are most effective for pregnant and postpartum moms.

    Online Therapy for Anxiety Treatment

    Whether you are struggling with generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or panic attacks, we have a licensed therapist who specializes in treating these issues. Many people are experiencing anxiety due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Of course, you may need some extra support to figure out how to cope with the world’s uncertainty.

    Online Therapy for Depression

    When you feel depressed it can feel like a struggle to do anything. Fortunately, accessing therapy online is one less barrier to receiving treatment. Many of our licensed therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is one of the best treatments for depression.

    Online Therapy for Teenagers

    Your teenager is not handling all of the changes well with COVID-19 and the social isolation and various disappointments it brings. If this sounds like your child, online therapy can help. We have therapists who specialize in treating teens and know how to relate to them so they can benefit from therapy.

    Online Therapy for Trauma – Including online EMDR trauma treatment!

    We have licensed therapists who specialize in trauma treatment and EMDR. In fact, we have been able to translate EMDR treatment to online therapy using special software and other tools. We are able to treat trauma in all forms, including PTSD.

    Ready to Learn More About Online Therapy in Pennsylvania?

    Interested in seeing what online therapy has to offer you? Give us a call today to see if our services are a good fit for you. All of our therapists hold licenses to practice in the state of Pennsylvania. We can easily walk you through the process of how to get started with online counseling! Now, we can provide online therapy in Pennsylvania, no matter where you live in the state. Including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Johnstown, State College, Williamsport, Erie, York, Harrisburg, Scranton, and Allentown. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

    How to access your teletherapy session on the client portal from Brittany Heine on Vimeo.

    Begin Online Therapy in Pennsylvania

    Now you know what to expect. So, starting online therapy is simple! Working with an online therapist in Pennsylvania is just a few easy steps away. We can help you move forward, wherever you are in the state with online therapy in Pennsylvania. To get started, simply:

    1. Contact our administrative assistant to set up your first online therapy appointment
    2. Meet with a professional, licensed online therapist
    3. Start to feel more whole and healthy from the comfort of your home

    Other Therapy Services at Move Forward Counseling

    We offer a wide range of services from our Lancaster-based counseling offices. For adults, we offer therapy for anxiety, depression treatment, trauma therapy, relationship counseling, and more. We also provide specialized services for LGBTQ+ issues, therapy for life transitions, caregiver stress, maternal mental health, and infertility counseling. Finally, we help teens, twenty-somethings, and anyone dealing with body image issues find a way to move forward. Contact us today to get started!