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  • We Moved (Right Down the Hall)!

    In July 2016 Move Forward Counseling moved its offices so we could expand. We are still in the same building (Olde Mill Court) in Salunga, just at the other end of the hall. We now have 2 offices in a suite with a office/kitchen and a bathroom.

    We are very excited about this move because it means we can help more clients (and we got to redecorate!) We purchased new furniture and have been having fun finding art for the walls. Our goal was to make it a relaxing, beautiful space.

    Here are some more pictures (please forgive the subpar iPhone quality of the photos):

    We hope you enjoyed looking at a few photos of our new space. All of the therapists are all loving the new offices!

    A Few Other Updates:

    Our address is the same, but the suite changed from “F4” to “F5.” Also, we recently changed our phone number to better serve our clients. The new number is 717-462-7003. Each therapist now has their own extension if you need to contact them.

    We also have a new neighbor down the hall, who also happens to provide counseling services as well. His name is Jeff Bare, LMFT and he owns Oasis Counseling.

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