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  • Megan Lavery, PsyD

    counseling Lancaster, PAHello I’m Megan!

    I am a licensed clinical health psychologist with extensive experience helping clients take control of their relationship with food, their bodies and health. Working through complicated health and eating histories, I specialize in disordered eating (emotional eating, binge eating, night eating), weight management, bariatric surgery, body image issues, insomnia, and women’s health/infertility. I am passionate about supporting healthy behavioral changes in the face of barriers, low motivation, depression/anxiety, and health concerns.

    I aim to create a nonjudgmental and compassionate atmosphere where clients can openly explore their lifelong patterns related to food, emotion regulation, and self-esteem. It is extremely important to me to work as a team with my clients so that they know they are not alone in their journey. Ultimately, my objective is to support clients in successfully achieving their personal health goals and finding more adaptive coping strategies in service of living a life they value.

    As humans, we often try to set unrealistic goals for ourselves, particularly when it comes to self-improvement. It can feel overwhelming and isolating being stuck in a cycle of defeat. Working as a team, I support clients in setting realistic behavioral goals that will ultimately lead them to their lifetime dreams. In helping many clients achieve long-term success, I have also discovered the importance of addressing issues of ambivalence, uncertainty, and self-doubt within our work together.

    Within my health psychology specialty, I completed distinctive training at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Weight and Eating Disorders and a fellowship at Cleveland Clinic’s Bariatric & Metabolic Institute. Through my professional training and years working as a psychologist, I have found evidenced-based treatments to be very effective in addressing the psychological aspects of disordered eating and other health concerns. Often I utilize Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance-Based Therapy techniques. While my overarching methods are based in researched protocols, I appreciate the importance of remaining flexible and tailoring my treatment to each individual in order to serve every clients’ needs to the fullest.

    PA License #PS018726

    Megan is available to provide telehealth sessions to anyone living in the state of Pennsylvania.