Life Transitions

counseling Lancaster, PALife as you know it can change at anytime. You could have a baby, get married, get a new job, lose a loved one, start or end a relationship, move to a new place, take on more responsibilities at work, begin taking care of an elderly parent, etc. Whether the transition is reason to celebrate or heart-breaking, it can be hard.

Making adjustments is not always easy, and can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. It is ok to ask for guidance in times of change. A counselor can help put your focus on the positives of change, give you healthy coping techniques, process feelings of grief, and give you suggestions to get life back to a comfortable place.

Change is part of life, and chances are you have already transitioned successfully through many significant events. It is important to recognize that your past will always hold a special place, and is at the foundation of who you are today. Embrace that reality and look ahead to the future with a focus on the positives. Acknowledge that you will experience stress, and that is ok — in fact a little stress can be a good thing. You can take that stressful experience and turn it into a mountain you have conquered — an occasion you can rise above. It is an accomplishment and we are here to help you on your journey.