Laura Morse, LPC

counseling Lancaster, PA

Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner? Tired of having the same fights? Want to improve your sex life? As a specialist in Sex & Intimacy issues, I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you – to resolve their relationship and sexual issues. I believe everyone has the right to a safe place to discuss their desires, fantasies and any obstacles to enjoying sex.

In our society, we’re bombarded with messages about sex & intimacy – but few of us have places where we can have honest conversations about our own sexuality. As a sexuality educator & therapist, people confide in me, and I provide psycho-education and therapy through a variety of modalities, including sensate focus, mindfulness based, CBT, emotion-focused and Gottman Couples Counseling.

Common couples issues I work with are: sexless marriages, repairing a relationship after an affair, difficulty communicating, setting boundaries during and after divorce, communication difficulties, and domestic violence. Many of these issues may also have psychological issues including trauma, anxiety, and depression, and I may see couples both individually and conjointly to provide the most effective therapy for you.

I work with both men & women to resolve sexual disorders including painful sex, sex/love addiction, inability to orgasm, premature/delayed ejaculation, ED, menopause sexuality concerns, gender & sexual identity concerns, and LGBTQ* issues.

Additionally, I provide relationship check-ins for couples who want a space to reflect on their relationship and make their connection go from “good” to “great”. Couples can schedule these as 50-minute sessions, or intensive sessions (2-3 hours) long.

With over ten years of mental health experience, I have worked in schools, psychiatric units, community mental health agencies, and private practices. I’m a professional member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), American Counseling Association, and have been featured in news outlets for my innovative approach to couples treatment.

You can confidentially reach me with any questions at: Ready to get started? You can fill out this Gottman Relationship Check-Up, which will allow me to formulate a treatment plan to help you (or you and your partner):