Laura Dyott, LSW

therapy Lancaster, PAHi, I’m Laura!

I’m a Licensed Social Worker who has spent the last three years working with adolescents and their families. My focus is helping people understand their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Utilizing relational approaches and providing a safe space for individuals to express themselves helps create an environment where they can build self-reflection, positive communication, and effective coping skills for the stressors in their life.

In working with adolescents, it can be difficult for adolescents to feel comfortable and safe to express their thoughts and feelings, as well as understanding their behaviors in response to intense emotions. Using non-judgemental language, active listening, and validation can help create a space in which adolescents can flourish in learning more about themselves, build skills to reach their goals and create the life they want.

Alongside working with adolescents, working with their parents and family members I have learned that worry and concern about their loved one can impact their mental health as well. I work to create a relationship in which worries, concerns, and fears can be discussed openly. With this open communication, I can help family members foster skills to increase the quality of their life and their relationship with their loved one.

A little bit about me – I graduated from Monmouth University in 2015 with my Masters in Social Work with a focus on clinical practice with families and children. Before getting my masters, I enjoyed working with children and adolescents in a school setting and coaching softball in my local community. When not working, I enjoy playing sports, being at the shore, and spending time with my family.