Jennifer Collins, PsyD

Hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and have been in the mental health field for 15 years. I’d like to think my many years of schooling and experience has given me the tools to help people navigate through life more effectively. Life certainly throws us many “curve balls” that knock us off course, resulting in heightened stress, anxiety, and/or depression.

I enjoy working from a strength-based approach, assisting people in finding their innate inner strengths and bringing them to the surface to problem solve and move forward.

My treatment approach is cognitive behavioral therapy. Identifying unhelpful thought patterns is critical in self-exploration and personal growth. Our thoughts are what mold our perception of ourselves and others, so if those thoughts are skewed, negative, or irrational, our perception will be misguided. Our behaviors are what we do in response to situations.

I help people identify maladaptive and unhealthy behaviors and replace those with healthier, adaptive behaviors to cope with life’s problems. Our emotions are, in a way, the end result of how we think and behave. Therefore, if we change our thoughts and behaviors, we can influence and take charge of how we feel. In short- positive thoughts, positive actions, positive results.

One of my favorite behaviors to work with is emotional eating and other unhealthy relationships with food. Food can be viewed as the toughest “addiction,” because it is not something you can eliminate from your life the way you can with cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. You need food to survive, so finding balance and the right role for food in your life can be quite challenging.

I also have experience working with issues related to infertility and the use of assisted reproduction. I talk with individuals and couples who have been unable to conceive naturally. This can be a scary and isolating struggle and I am here to help you process through it.

Other areas of practice are behavioral management of Adult ADHD by creating a “toolkit” for success in organization, planning, and self-initiative. I also enjoy working with people who need help adjusting to different life phases and transitions, whether it be post college, post pregnancy, career change, or finding new purpose post retirement.

If my experience and philosophies seem to be a good match for you, please call and set up an appointment. You are not weak because you are seeking counseling, you are smart, resourceful, and capable.