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Everyone of us at some point in our lives experiences sadness. Many times these feelings will come and go on their own, and people will cope with them by turning to family or friends, hobbies, or other coping mechanisms. But, sometimes these feelings can be so severe they get in the way of living your best life. When this happens, it’s best to seek help from a licensed professional.

Depression symptoms can also vary among individuals, and they commonly include:

*Down or sad mood
*Loss of interests or pleasure
*Feeling empty
*Loss of appetite
*Sleep disturbances
*Back pain
*Chest pain

When Is It Time to Seek Help?

When these symptoms impair everyday function and your relationships with others, your depression has become severe. Avoiding social interaction, an inability to drive, avoiding going to work, and staying inside all of the time are examples of when symptoms are starting to go too far. It’s during these times when people seek out additional help to reduce their distress, like talking to a licensed counselor.

Therapy can be one step to help someone struggling with depression. During the first initial appointment, a therapist meets with you and gathers information about what you would like to see improve. Then with the help of the therapist, you create a plan for specific steps to guide you toward living a better life.

Developing a plan for your life with a therapist will likely involve one of the most effective therapeutic treatments for depression called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT involves replacing negative and irrational thoughts with a healthy and adaptive thought process, ending the depression cycle.

Experiencing depression can be a scary time in a person’s life. There is a better way.  At Move Forward Counseling we work with our clients to teach positive coping mechanisms that will help them to live happy, fulfilling lives. You can be ok. You can feel like yourself again.