Pregnancy Loss: Starting the Conversation

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Published on: October 9, 2017

It happens a lot, more often than most know because it is rarely talked about — miscarriage. The statistic is staggering: 1 in 4 confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage, and some experts estimate as many as 40 percent of all conceptions end in a loss. It happened to Mary (*fictional client). It was a just a few weeks after conception, and she had commenced daydreaming about her beautiful baby and the size he/she had grown in her belly. She had fallen in love, and then the dreaded happened. She woke up and felt different and the doctor was unable to… Continue Reading This Article

The All-Important Family Dinner

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Published on: September 21, 2017

Life is hectic. Between shuffling the kids from extracurricular activities, getting your work done, and taking care of life’s many chores it is easy to let family dinner time fall by the wayside — but that is exactly why it is so important.   In fact, research shows family dinners are among the most important things you can do as a family. Children who eat family dinners do better in school, eat healthier, and make better life choices; and parents who have family dinners report lower levels of stress, according to a study by the National Center on Addiction and… Continue Reading This Article

The Struggle for Parents to Manage Teen’s Technology Usage

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Published on: July 14, 2017

There is no question that teens are spending way too much time on social networks, and in turn— studies have shown — their mental health is suffering. Social media and constant text messaging from peers have become so integral to teens lives that in many cases it is leading to more anxiety, depression, and decreased self-esteem. No Escape With the use of social media, there is no escape from the stressors of adolescent peer-to-peer relationships. No escape from bullying and a constant exposure to a skewed and unrealistic view of others’ lives. Teens are spending more time glued to their… Continue Reading This Article

It’s Summer, Time to Focus on Your Child’s Mental Health

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Published on: June 15, 2017

    Summer is here and that means more time to focus on things other than school, such as mental health. If you noticed changes in your child/teens demeanor during the school year, or they appear to be struggling then it might be time to bring them into counseling especially while they have the time to focus on mental health. By giving them the tools to work through emotions, and helping them to get to the core of their distress they will be better prepared come September. How can you tell if your child is in need of therapy services?… Continue Reading This Article

Postpartum Depression: One Woman’s Story

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Published on: May 9, 2017

Many times we expect a smooth transition after having a baby. After all, we do expect it to be the happiest time of our lives, right? Well, what happens when it doesn’t turn out to be the happiest time of our life? Let’s take a look at Grace’s story (fictionalized client). Grace is a new mom who had her first baby four months ago. She called Move Forward Counseling when she found herself crying uncontrollably, unable to get to work, and excessive and frequent thoughts of something happening to her baby or her spouse. “I don’t feel like myself” During… Continue Reading This Article

Move Forward Counseling Practice Updates

Close up of a woman with blond hair and blue eyes smiling at the camera. This is Jennifer Collins, and she is a licensed clinical psychologist at Move Forward Counseling. At Move Forward, she conducts one time infertility evaluations for individuals and couples. Contact us today for infertility counseling, maternal mental health, and more today!

Published on: February 16, 2017

New Staff We are excited to announce we have added another excellent clinician to our team! Jennifer Collins, PsyD, started working at our practice in January 2017. She has many years of experience working in the mental health field. She enjoys working with clients who are struggling with emotional/binge eating, adult ADHD, infertility and any physical health issues that affect mental health. Jennifer works with adult clients and accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Highmark Blue Shield insurances. You can read more about Jennifer on her page. Counseling for Pregnant and Postpartum Moms Melissa Sickles, LPC, has recently earned her maternal… Continue Reading This Article

How To Survive Thanksgiving Dinner with Difficult People

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Published on: November 20, 2016

Anyone else praying that no one talks about politics at the Thanksgiving table, especially after this year’s election season? Maybe in past years the scene went like this… one of your relatives had a little bit too much to drink and starts an argument with someone else about a controversial topic. You wish you could disappear into the wall while Aunt Betty and Uncle Fred duke it out. Or, worse, it’s your spouse who’s involved. How Difficult People Can Affect You Difficult people may be confrontational with others or want things done their way, even when they are a guest… Continue Reading This Article

Is Therapy Right For You?

Woman in dim room lays on black couch in front of a window. The light shines through onto her as she holds a hand up to her head. She is tired of her negative self image getting in the way of her life, and is thinking of receiving therapy. Move Forward Counseling offers body image therapy in Pennsylvania. Don't let anxiety get in the way of your life, contact us today!

Published on: May 7, 2015

It’s normal to hesitate before starting therapy Many people wait a long time before they decide to attend therapy. Many questions may arise in their minds: “Will it help?” or “What if the therapist is weird?” or “How long will I have to go?” or “Is my problem really that bad?” These unknowns may cause them to delay seeking help. Often we tend to think “Maybe the problem will go away” or “After (blank) is over, then I will feel better” (insert what makes sense for you here, the big project at work, the kid’s sports season, etc.) But counseling… Continue Reading This Article

Online Counseling: Fad or Future Standard Practice?

Woman with glasses holds a cup of tea in her left hand, and searches the web on her laptop with the other. She is at a wooden desk, and is likely looking up options for online therapy. Move Forward Counseling understands you have a busy schedule. Let us work with you to help you thrive!

Published on: April 2, 2015

The counseling industry seems to be woefully behind when it comes to utilizing technology in its business practices. I know many therapists who still keep all of their records on paper. Larger institutions have had to embrace electronic medical records, but not until very recently. What is Online Counseling? The words “online counseling” are a commonly searched term on Google. Companies who help to facilitate online therapy have cropped up in recent years. The basic concept is this: have your therapy session via video chat in the privacy of your own home. Your therapist is on the other end in… Continue Reading This Article

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Can it help you?

Published on: March 16, 2015

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a favorite treatment at our practice. CBT is great for individuals with depression and anxiety. Research shows that it helps two thirds of the people who use it. The premise is simple: our thoughts influence our feelings which influence our actions. If we have negative, unrealistic thoughts we tend to feel depressed and/or anxious and then behave in a way that reinforces our negative thoughts. Here is an example: Matt applies for a job and doesn’t get it. His negative thought is: No one is ever going to hire me. He feels depressed and his… Continue Reading This Article