Creative Life Coaching

therapy Lancaster, PAWhat Is A Creative Life Coach?

A creative life coach partners with people to achieve their dreams and experience a greater sense of wholeness.  Depending on the needs of the session, the creative life coach provides traditional life coaching, self exploration through art or a combination of both.  No prior art experience or “talent” is necessary. The value of creative expression is in the doing not the final product. The role of the coach is to provide a safe place to explore, discuss and imagine the life you truly want to create.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching concentrates on where the client is now and what the client is willing to do to get to where she/he wants to be in the future.

In each meeting, the client chooses the agenda and the focus of the conversation while the coach listens and contributes observations, questions and art directives.

The client is viewed as the expert in her or his life and work. Together the coach and the client design a working relationship tailored to the client’s needs.  The client reflects on her/his choices, desires, obstacles, patterns and dreams.

Core questions in life may be considered: Who am I? How did I get to where I am? Where am I going? What  do I want? What gets in the way of what I want? Why am I here?

This exchange realigns the client’s inner compass putting fears and doubt aside. This allows the client to gain greater clarity and focus.  The client moves into an action plan equipped with new behaviors, perspectives and strategies. Micro goals are developed in collaboration with the client. Homework is assigned and steps are taken by the client to realize dreams and gain a greater sense of wholeness.

Who and Why Do People Go To Coaching?

People from  all walks of life, interests and backgrounds seek coaching (entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, employees recently laid off, caregivers).  Some want to work on their careers. Some want to work on issues around personal relationships with friends, family and partners. Some want to turn down their inner critical voice in order to move forward. Some want want to work on specific projects. Some are working through transitions (retirement, divorce, grief and loss, new careers, promotions, new possibilities). Some are looking to practice self care; to increase confidence creativity and motivation; to reduce stress; to heal hurts; to feel connected, and to discover purpose and meaning.

Benefits Of Creative Life Coaching

  • It’s strength based and empowers you to change your life
  • Provides clarity in overcoming obstacles
  • Helps you design a plan to achieve and actualize your dreams
  • Holds you accountable to your plan by having someone to answer to
  • Helps you work toward goals which can bring confidence and peace of mind and ultimately more meaning to life
  • Moves the present toward a future that you designed
  • Focuses on how to get there rather than on what’s in the way
  • Offers emotional  support and creates confidence 
  • It is practical, straightforward and optimistic

Benefits of Incorporating Creative Expression with Life Coaching

  • When it’s hard to talk about pain, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Creative expression helps you feel more centered in your body
  • It’s an excellent avenue for self exploration and self expression
  • It reduces stress
  • Thoughts and emotions can be conveyed safely through art
  • You become more trusting of your senses
  • Expressing yourself through images allows some detachment and this helps you relate more effectively to challenging issues
  • Creative Expression is filled with release and fun!
  • No art experience is required!

Types of Creative Life Coaching Services

Creative life coaching is offered in individual, group and workshop settings.

Is Creative Life Coaching different than Therapy?

Therapy is different than coaching in that therapy is part of the medical field.  Therapists are trained to work with individuals with significant mental health issues and to diagnose clients. Therapists explore family of origin issues and may focus on things that have happened in the past.

Creative life coaches are non-medical. They offer coaching skills such as creative exercises, guided creative visualizations, and mindfulness exercises. Creative life coaches collaborate with clients by using their coaching skills and asking questions to allow clients to explore and find answers.  Coaches work on helping clients identify what is happening now and what they want for the future.

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