Caroline Rickson, Creative Life Coach

life coach Lancaster, PA

Hello! I’m Caroline!

As a Creative Life Coach, I partner with people to achieve their dreams and experience a greater sense of wholeness.  I specialize in incorporating creative expression with personal and professional development coaching. Depending on the needs of the client, I provide coaching, self exploration through art or a combination of both. No art experience or “talent” is required in Creative Life Coaching.

I have learned through my own personal experiences and through working with clients, life has many unexpected turns. As a result, limiting patterns and beliefs may develop. Fear may affect how you view yourself,  manage your emotions, relate to others, and how you move through your day to day life.

I offer creative life coaching in individual, group and workshop settings. I have extensive experience and endeavor to work with adults and teens from diverse backgrounds. I am passionate to partner with people looking to overcome blocks, increase confidence, reduce stress, heal hurts, feel connected, increase creativity,  practice self care, increase motivation, discover purpose and meaning, live a balanced life and achieve their version of success. I believe the client is the expert on themselves. Our goals and action plans are developed collaboratively. I strive to provide a space that is non-judgmental, safe, creative and dynamic.

Benefits of Incorporating Creative Expression With Life Coaching

  • When it’s hard to talk about pain, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Creative expression helps you feel more centered in your body
  • It’s an excellent avenue for self exploration and self expression
  • It reduces stress
  • Thoughts and emotions can be conveyed safely through art
  • You become more trusting of your senses
  • Expressing yourself through images allows some detachment and this helps you relate more effectively to challenging issues
  • Creative Expression is filled with release and fun!
  • No art experience is required!

Professional Experience

For the last twenty years, I’ve worked in the human services field in various settings and capacities:  Mental Health Agencies, Psychotherapist/Art Therapist; Schools, Painting Professor; Arts Council, Office and Event Manager; Residential Homes, Community Integration Counselor; Retirement Community, Activity Director; Television Broadcasting, Publicist

Certifications and Professional  Memberships

CPC, Certified Professional Life Coach, Life Coach Institute of Orange County

ADC, National Activity Director Certified

Professional Member – The International Expressive Art Therapy Association

Professional Member – The Canadian Art Therapy Association


DTATI – Graduate Diploma, Toronto Art Therapy Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BA – Concentration Visual Arts, University Of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Diploma Television Broadcasting, Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario, Canada