Overcoming the Quarter Life Crisis

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Published on: July 16, 2018

You graduate from college expecting to find your way quickly. You imagine yourself in your dream job, a stable relationship, and living in a home all your own. You thought you were going to have everything you wanted.  But, the reality is you walked across that stage at graduation and moved in with your parents and settled for your old barista job—just to “hold you over.” Or maybe you got a job in your major but you aren’t quite sure if this is where you belong. You long to be successful and fear making mistakes. The stuff you did as… Continue Reading This Article

How to Stay Sane While Planning a Wedding

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Published on: July 3, 2018

You got the ring and the fiancé, now it is time to plan the wedding. Chances are this is the day you have dreamed about since you were little. You have high expectations. You want it to be perfect.  The only problem is perfection is a hard thing attain. The stress of planning the big day has the tendency to lead to tension and strain between a couple and their families — it seems a little counterproductive if you ask me. You are planning this day for one reason — to commit yourself to the person you love and want… Continue Reading This Article

When “Self Medicating” Means Something More

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Published on: June 18, 2018

You had a “bad” day, week, month, or year. Maybe you are feeling anxious, sad, or have this longing desire to feel better, do better, or be better. You take those feelings and decide to try to “cure” them by using alcohol or drugs. Or maybe it is going shopping or gambling. At first this works. You do feel better and you think you can control your use. But, substances can quickly take over your life. Often times they turn into addictions in an attempt to treat another mental condition. This is called dual-diagnosis. Dual-diagnosis is when a person who… Continue Reading This Article

The Balancing Act of Being a Dad

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Published on: June 7, 2018

We like to talk about moms a lot, and while there is good reason for that—what about dad? Sometimes it seems like we just expect dad to figure it all out, but he has a lot on his plate too. Society puts pressure on the dad to be the breadwinner, the financial support for the family. But, we also expect dad to be the little league coach, the repairman, teacher, and cheerleader. It can be a difficult balance.  As in any balancing act, the truth is sometimes career will take center stage and other times it will be all about… Continue Reading This Article

The Graduation Blues

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Published on: May 14, 2018

So, you have graduated—Congrats! You have spent your life, so far, working up to this moment. It is an exciting time full of possibilities…and stress. Much of the way your life used to function is going to change, and while that is not a bad thing it is definitely a hard transition. It is ok to feel the graduation blues. I remember that moment of walking across the stage full of excitement, smiling from ear-to-ear, and then walking into my bedroom, looking around, and it hit me—a crushing sense of loss. Yes, this is what I had been working towards… Continue Reading This Article

The Spring Time Blues

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Published on: April 23, 2018

The sun is finally starting to show its face, flowers are beginning to pop out of the ground, temperatures are warming and you are feeling—depressed. It may seem odd, but it is actually more common than you would think to suffer from feelings of depression as spring is beginning to bloom. But, why would nice weather bring about such feelings? 1.) First of all, change. Spring is a time for change. Any change can bring feelings of dread and anxiousness to the surface. Maybe you are dreading pulling out your warmer clothes. Maybe you have started to get comfortable in… Continue Reading This Article

How Can I Help My Teen Feel Less Stressed?

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Published on: April 10, 2018

There is no doubt teens are feeling stressed. The pressure is on to excel on every level: academics, extracurriculars, socially. Throw in social media, which literally gives them no break from social demands. Teens don’t have time to rest, let alone be kids. Kids—that is what they still are for a few more years, yet they are so quickly thrown into adulthood these days. While a little stress can be a good thing, motivating students to put in the extra effort, the amount some are feeling is at an unhealthy level. The pressures teens are facing are harmful to their… Continue Reading This Article

The Weight of the Mental Load: How to feel less stressed out

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Published on: March 29, 2018

We all feel it. Overwhelmed at all the things on your mental to-do list. All the things that without you would likely not get done. You know what I am talking about—the mental load that is bringing women down. Whether you work full-time, part-time, or stay at home with your children, the amount of things on a woman’s plate each day can be just plain too much. Let me set the stage for you: Your alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m., you pull yourself out of bed to go walk the dog, feed the cats, get breakfast on the table… Continue Reading This Article

New Counselor Added to Move Forward Counseling

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Published on: March 8, 2018

We are excited to announce we have added a new counselor to our practice! Laura Morse, LPC is now accepting new clients and will be in the office on Fridays. She specializes in couples therapy and sex/intimacy issues. We are pleased to be able to offer this specialty as couples therapy is an often requested service. Laura has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field and has helped hundreds of couples. She is a professional member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and the American Counseling Association. Laura received her Masters of Counselor… Continue Reading This Article

Setting Healthy Boundaries Means Better Relationships

Published on: January 16, 2018

Setting boundaries is important in any relationship, and contrary to popular belief—boundaries actually improve relationships. Why, you might ask? When both people feel respected and cared for everyone is better off, and complying with appropriate boundaries fosters a feeling of mutual consideration and empathy. While the solution sounds simple, it can feel quite daunting. Frequently people are concerned if they voice their needs they will create conflict, but by holding those feelings in you are building resentment that could eventually explode into major arguments or push a wedge between you both. If you can address those feelings head on before… Continue Reading This Article