Alison Pidgeon, LPC

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Hi, I’m Alison!

I’m a licensed professional counselor, but you might also call me a first-class listener/master problem-solver/super mom/entrepreneurial enthusiast.

I help people who wish they felt their life was more in control, but feel suffocated by stress, anxiety and burnout. My clients come to therapy because their anxiety is affecting their quality of life, or they feel like they are so burned out from taking care of everyone they just can’t do it anymore.

I also like to work with millenials who are going through difficult transitions or are struggling with relationships, anxiety and depression.

I support my clients in objectively looking at their problems and collaborating on strategies that will help them so that they feel like they can handle any challenges that come their way. My clients often comment that they appreciate my skills-based approach to helping them with their problems. It’s also important to have some humor in therapy—I think that helps us to talk about difficult things.

I know from 13 years in the mental health field and my own path to wellness that it can be difficult to know what needs to change and how to do it. In 2014, I was majorly burned out– juggling my full-time community mental health job and being mom to a baby and a toddler (oh yeah, and sleep-deprived)! I made some major changes to find balance in my life (or what I like to call “flow”). That’s why I am so passionate about helping my clients do the same thing!

I graduated with a master’s degree in 2007 in counseling psychology and became licensed in 2009.

I believe that confident individuals who feel like their life is in balance will change the world. That’s why I hope you call me today to talk about if my services are a good fit for you.