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Jennifer Collins, PsyD

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Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and have been in the mental health field for 15 years. I’d like to think my many years of schooling and experience has given me the tools to help people navigate through life more effectively. Life certainly throws us many “curve balls” that knock us off course, resulting in heightened stress, anxiety, and/or depression.

I enjoy working from a strength-based approach, assisting people in finding their innate inner strengths and bringing them to the surface to problem solve and move forward.

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Carolyn Deck, LSW

Hi, I’m Carolyn ~

As a Licensed Social Worker I’m a strong believer in a person-centered approach to treatment. No one lives in a vacuum ~ our struggles and successes are as a result of our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as well as factors in our external environment.

My specialty is working with issues affecting families; addiction, codependency, divorce, blended families, and life transitions. Families of an addict or alcoholic come to me for support, education and guidance. As someone with a family history of addiction (and recovery) I have the capacity to be compassionate and empathetic, as well as offer resources and strategies for establishing healthy boundaries and encourage self-care.

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Melissa Sickles, LPC

20160226 Move Forward Counseling 0044-EditHello! I’m Melissa!

My specialty is helping women who long to feel supported, but feel stuck because life is overwhelming. My clients come to me for help with daily struggles such as emotional distress, a feeling of being stuck, relationship and family concerns, lack of support, and self-esteem. The pain that arises from having these concerns can be debilitating at times.

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Whitney Halleman, LPC

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Hi! I’m Whitney! I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor but that is just a fancy way of saying I’m someone you can talk to about anything and I’m trained in how to help.

I help people who wish they had extra support and encouragement but feel like they don’t have anybody they can trust. Some people are just uncomfortable talking to the people they do trust, like their parents, about certain topics. I support my clients in feeling more comfortable expressing their feelings, gaining confidence, and learning new communication skills and behaviors so they can have healthier and more rewarding relationships with parents, family, and friends.

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Abbee Hanson, LSW

Hi, I’m Abbee! I’m a licensed social worker and my job is to help children and their parents deal with any number of life difficulties. Just as adults struggle with everyday stressors and troubles, so can kids! However, children are unable to express these things in the same manner that adults are able to.

I work with kiddos and families to manage these problems in a healthy and effective manner that allows them to go on to lead joyful and wholesome lives. This includes discovering and learning new tools to conquer all sorts of problems and being able to identify and cope with our strong feelings that can often make life feel out of hand.

If you are interested in my services please give us a call to talk more about setting up an appointment or you can email me at:

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Alison Pidgeon, LPC

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Hi, I’m Alison!

I’m a licensed professional counselor, but you might also call me a first-class listener/master problem-solver/super mom/entrepreneurial enthusiast.

I help people who wish they felt their life was more in control, but feel suffocated by stress, anxiety and burnout.

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