Abbee Hanson, LSW

Hi, I’m Abbee! I’m a licensed social worker and my job is to help children and their parents deal with any number of life difficulties. Just as adults struggle with everyday stressors and troubles, so can kids! However, children are unable to express these things in the same manner that adults are able to.

I work with kiddos and families to manage these problems in a healthy and effective manner that allows them to go on to lead joyful and wholesome lives. This includes discovering and learning new tools to conquer all sorts of problems and being able to identify and cope with our strong feelings that can often make life feel out of hand.

Through the use of active listening and creative interventions, I am able to better understand my clients, in addition to helping them cope with difficult emotions and problem solve in a productive way. This includes techniques from a variety of therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), child-directed therapy, psychoeducation, and solutions-based therapy.

After I graduated from Widener University with a Master’s in social work, I moved and spent some time in the Southwest and Midwest. After being away for 4 years and pining for the comforts of home, I have found myself in Lancaster, planting roots and getting to know my surroundings. In my free time, I enjoy reading as many books as I can, caring for my growing collection of houseplants, eating delicious pastries, going on antique and thrift store treasure hunts, and listening to a variety of podcasts.

I may be the professional therapist, but you’re the professional parent (or guardian) and we will work together to try and solve problems. We are social creatures by nature and we need the support of others to ensure a healthy, happy and successful life.

If you are interested in my services please give us a call to talk more about setting up an appointment or you can email me at: